Medicaid Funding

Using Medicaid Funding for MST

Medicaid funding has emerged as an important part of the MST landscape and is playing a critical role in the financial sustainability of many MST programs across the United States. However, we caution stakeholders about using Medicaid funding as the only funding source due to the potential limitations and challenges of using Medicaid funds to support the model-adherent implementation of MST.

Case Studies of successful implementations of the MST program and Medicaid:

   Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice – Consistent – Download Report

   New Mexico Interagency Behavioral Health – Highly Consistent – Download Report


Click here to see a full interactive table of state MST funding standards and  the MST Services review and ratings of these standards

There are many requirements to consider when using Medicaid funding for MST in your community. Some areas of consideration include:

    • Funding for Non-Medicaid Eligible Youth/Clients
    • Staff Training and Program Quality Assurance Requirements
    • Staffing Requirements for Supervisors and Therapists
    • Program Operational Requirements
    • Admission, Exclusion and Discharge Criteria

Funding development

For those interested in assistance with Request For Proposal (RFP) development, please refer to MST RFP Template link below. This file is helpful when writing an RFP for an MST program as it contains the elements that should be included in the RFP for MST.

Download MST RFP Template


To discuss MST Medicaid funding options further:

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MST Services Medicaid Informational packet consists of:
  • Position statement on Medicaid Funding for MST Programs
  • MST Preferred Service Description
  • MST Preferred Service Description Rating Form
  • Multisystemic Therapy H2033 HCPCS code
  • Current listing of known state MST Service Descriptions and their ratings by MST Services
Download Packet