Multisystemic Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multisystemic Therapy (“MST”)?

MST is an intensive family- and community-based treatment program that addresses all environments that impact high risk youth - homes and families, schools and teachers, neighborhoods and friends. MST clinicians:

  • Travel to the youth and are on call 24/7

  • Work intensively to empower parents and caregivers

  • Work with caregivers to focus youth on school and gaining job skills

  • Introduce youth to recreational activities as an alternative to hanging out with anti-social peers


What is MST Services?

MST Services, licensed by the Medical University of South Carolina, is the organization responsible for disseminating Multisystemic Therapy with clinical fidelity.



Does MST Services directly treat youth?

MST Services does not provide therapy services directly to youth.  We provide training, quality assurance, and other services to provider organizations (Teams) and Network Partners (prominent youth services organizations responsible for clinical consistency).



How do I know if MST will work for my community?

MST is an evidence-based practice, meaning it is scientifically proven to work better than alternatives in experiments with real people. We feature the largest body of evidence, by far, of successful interventions for high risk youth. 

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What are adaptations of MST?

As MST became a recognized leader in treating chronic juvenile offenders, researchers adapted MST to treat additional clinical problems such as child abuse and neglect.  Adaptations are subject to rigorous scientific evaluation including pilot studies, efficacy/effectiveness trials, and transportability pilots.



How much does MST cost?

The cost of MST for systems depends upon the location and source of funding.  For providers and Network Partners, the cost varies based upon overhead and size of program. 



What are Network Partners?

Network Partners are prominent youth services organizations that are affiliated with MST Services and responsible for clinical consistency. 


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