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At MST Services, we're on a mission to transform the lives of troubled youth and their families. Our approach, Multisystemic Therapy®, is scientifically proven. We'll do whatever it takes to reach families in need so that their children can realize their potential.



Unquestionably, the disparity in minority youth coming in contact with the justice system is a problem. Multisystemic Therapy (MST) has been shown to be part of the solution. MST is a family-driven treatment that is culturally responsive and centered in homes and communities. When partnered with law enforcement and the juvenile justice system, it plays a unique bridge-building role in achieving shared outcomes for minority youth, families, schools, and communities at large. For more information on how MST helps combat racial disparity in the juvenile justice system, click here.


Our team of Ph.D. and Master level mental-health specialists train providers to implement Multisystemic Therapy. We deliver ongoing support and consultation to our partners to ensure the highest quality clinical outcomes. In many cases, MST collaborates with Network Partners, which are prominent youth services organizations that are responsible for clinical quality and consistency.

Program support & training
Quality assurance services
Hiring & retaining staff
Marketing & public relations
Budgeting & business planning

Meet MST Services 

Research Leadership


Scott Henggeler, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Developer of MST

Dr. Henggeler has published nearly 300 journal articles, book chapters, and books. He is the recipient of prestigious national awards including Points of Light Foundation President’s Award, Families Count Award, and he was named one of the twelve people who saved rehabilitation by the American Society of Criminology. Dr. Henggeler has also served on numerous editorial and review boards. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.

Sonja Schoenwald, Ph.D. Co-Founder

Dr. Schoenwald, a co-founder, has published extensively and served on numerous editorial, research, and advisory boards. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Stanford University and her doctoral degree from Duke University.

Melisa Rowland, M.D. Co-Founder

Dr. Rowland is a recognized leader in the field of psychiatry. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Louisiana State University and a medical degree from the University of South Florida College of Medicine.

Senior Management


Josh Glade Co-CEO & Managing Director

Mr. Glade is committed to the quality implementation of our juvenile treatment programs. Mr. Glade has experience sourcing funding and executing strategic growth plans. He received his bachelor’s in business administration from Emory University and an MBA from Georgetown University.

Logan Greenspan Co-CEO & Managing Director

Mr. Greenspan has a background in finance and operations. He received his bachelor's in business administration from Emory University and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Keller Strother Co-Founder & Director

Mr. Strother, as a Co-Founder of MST Services, has been a driving force in scaling the dissemination of Multisystemic Therapy. He holds a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science and master’s degrees from Stanford University and an MBA from Duke University.

Michelle Dean, M.S. Director of Team Support Services, Vice President

Ms. Dean received her M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from UNC-Chapel Hill. She joined MST Services and began implementing our juvenile treatment programs in 2006.

Thomas Pietkiewicz Director of Business Development

Mr. Pietkiewicz has a background in leadership, business strategy and new business development. In addition to serving six years in the United States Marine Corps, he received a bachelor’s degree from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Lisa Reiter, Ph.D. Clinical Director, Executive Vice President

Dr. Reiter received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Catholic University of America. She joined MST Services in 2000.

Brenda Szumski, MSW Director of Operations, Vice President

Ms. Szumski received her master's in social work from the University of Denver and her MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She joined MST Services in 2007.

Network Partner Managers

Kellie Allison, M.A., LPC
Bernie Centeio, MSW
Vice President
Joanne Penman, M.Ed., LMSW
Vice President
Angelia Watson, M.A.
Manager of MST-CAN Transport
Laurie Spivey, M.A., M.A.Ed 
Joshua Chinitz, Ph.D.
Vice President

Lori Moore, M.A.
Vice President
Ellen Shifko, M.S.Ed.
Vice President
Anne Dailey, M.S., LCSW-R
Vice President
Betsy Clipper, LICSW, MST-CAN
Kimberly Pascucci, LCSW-R 
Laura Shortt, Ed.D.
 Vice President
Marisa Licata, LCSW

MST Consultants

  • Nick Angers, LCPC
  • Richard Aucoin, Ph.D.
  • Daniel Bachicha, Ph.D.
  • Lori Bargesser, MSW, LMSW
  • Liz Buchanan, LCSW
  • Jamie Bunch-Sanfilippo, M.A.
  • Sandy Crotts, M.S., NCC, LPC
  • Susan Dee, LCSW
  • Melissa Golba, M.A.
  • Lara Jackson, AMFT
  • Diane Kooser, M.S.
  • Joshua Leblang, LMHC, LCPC
  • Janelle McKinnon, LMSW
  • Michael Mulqueen, LCSW-R, SIFI
  • Amy Myers, M.S.
  • Michelle Robinson, MS


  • Laurie Spivey, M.A., M.A.Ed

  • Laurie Spivey, M.A., M.A.E


Operations and Development

  • Mikayla Berry, Marketing Manager
  • Courtney Chapman, Events and Training Coordinator
  • Trisha Cooper, Training Coordinator
  • Melanie Duncan, Ph.D., Program Development Coordinator
  • Emily Gaylor, Marketing Associate
  • D. Harris, Staff Accountant
  • R. Howard, Accounting Manager
  • Nancy Hill, IT and HR Manager
  • Alyssa Schneider, Executive Assistant to Clinical Director


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