Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Infographics

school to prison pipeline infographic-social-01

From Education to Incarceration 

The school-to-prison pipeline is a common metaphor used to describe the ways in which students are pushed out of the education system and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems through policies and practices within schools that involve law enforcement.



Global Child Maltreatment-01

Child Abuse and Neglect Worldwide

Child abuse and neglect is a global problem with heartbreaking consequences. Although it is complex and difficult to study, the facts that do exist describe an urgent need to intervene on behalf of the lives of young people worldwide.



girls in the jj system

Spotlight on Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

Following the larger relative decline in arrests of boys, the percent of arrests involving girls has increased since the 1990s. Research has revealed the various adversities many girls face as well as their unique responses to trauma that place them at risk for entering the system.



Juvenile Recidivism Infographics

Juvenile Recidivism 

Imagine spending thousands of dollars to lock up a juvenile, only to have them end up in the same position in the future. Recidivism - the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend - is a worrying statistic for justice advocates. 



teen drug use infographic

Teen Drug Use

Teen drug use is a concern for many. Teens are often inclined to take risks, and by 12th grade, nearly 50% of adolescents will have used an illicit drug. Check out this infographic to understand some of the risks & statistics of teen drug use.



How many youth locked up

How Many Juveniles are Confined?

Every day, thousands of American youth are placed outside of the home in facilities across the country. Though these out-of-home placements hope to steer youth on the right path, it has been proven that treating a youth outside of their home and community is less effective than treating them in their natural settings. However, statistics show that the amount of youth in confinement is still high.



The Opioid Epidemic: Are We Losing a Generation of Children?

The Opioid Epidemic is a public health crisis that has been declared a national emergency. This infographic shows the magnitude of the problem, how widespread it is and reveals how devastating it has become for the youth who are caught in the middle of it. Learn more.



Inequality in the Juvenile Justice System

This infographic reveals the startling inequalities embedded in the juvenile justice system. The statistics are so shocking and the costs so high, that when you see them, you just might decide to do something about it. Take a look for yourself at this juvenile justice infographic to learn more.



The High Cost of Youth Incarceration

Take a look at this infographic that shows the costs of youth incarceration. Sometimes seeing makes it easier to believe. Going state by state, it’s pretty staggering how many juveniles end up in facilities and the price tag associated with putting them there.



Spare The Rod, Spoil the Child

In celebration of Universal Children's Day, we put together a thought-provoking infographic on the consequences of corporal punishment. Ending violence against children—including corporal punishment—is an objective of the United Nations as well as Multisystemic Therapy for Child Abuse and Neglect (MST-CAN).